People always ask,

what do you do when you’re torn

between right and wrong?

But my question is not so simple.

What do you do when you’re torn

between two wrongs?

if both sound good,

and neither should,

but you have to choose,

what can you do?


study on a human

I once met a human.

who was soft and hilarious.

I had known other humans.

but this particular specimen

was something of an oddity.

it didn’t dance or sing,

or give a flying fuck what  I thought of it.

In a movie, this would mean I liked it more:

manic pixie dream team.

but in reality, I think too highly of myself

to be around a human who doesn’t care for my opinion.

just a human

who’s soul was soft like

the blood-red jelly

of a doughnut;

like the dark, dangerous mud

of a crowded swimming hole.

i hate to get my hands sticky,

and crowded swimming holes make bad instagrams.